Sunday, 12 August 2018

Passport requests [Municipal Archives]

In some municipal archives there are records of passport requests. Our ancestors had to have a passport to leave Italy, not necessarily to enter other countries (it depended on the country and period), and they applied for it to the police.
This post is to show you what genealogical informations can be found in these registers, and some examples of interesting cases.
In this archive the first register goes from 1908 to 1916 (1917) and it has yearly indexes, the second register is for 1919-1938 and mostly doesn't, so it must be checked page by page: the entries are chronological (and divided by year) and not alphabetical.
I've noticed that initially most requests were for Germany and France, then after a few years Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Canada became the first destinations. I'm sure this is different in other towns/provinces. As we know, most southern Italians chose the United States, while in the north Canada and South America were more popular.
As usual these are big books and the registrations span the 2 sides:

Column headers:
- Progressive number
- Date of request
- Surname and Name of applicant or of those accompanying them
- Father's name
- Place of birth
- Date of birth
- Occupation

Column Headers (page 2)
- Country for which the passport is issued [sometimes a city/port]
- Surname and name of the person giving consent where required by the Royal Decree (31st of January 1901, article 3, number 2)*
- Authority to which the autorization is transmitted
- Date of transmission
- Passport delivery date
- Passport number
- various annotations

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Ruolo della Popolazione/Census - Casarsa (EXTRAS Part II) END

And this concludes the Casarsa "Ruolo della popolazione" series!
Ypu can find the Master Post HERE.

The last pages were torn, just like the first pages of the register, so once again we've lost a few families.

Extras (pages 354 to 384)
  • Deotti
  • Martinuzzi
  • Teja
  • Pellegrini
  • Pellegrin
  • Bertolin
  • Sartor
  • Francescut
  • Fachin
  • Peghin detti Cordenos
  • Zuliani
  • Carminati
  • Cieol
  • Vecchietti
  • Bortolussi

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Ruolo della Popolazione/Census - Casarsa (EXTRAS Part I)

After the letter Z there were more pages for other families, not necessarily in alphabetical order. Some were written there because the original page was full, some were new families that were added with updates.
This part of the register seems to have been filled out with less care: there are lots of info missing, especially in the columns on the right side of the book, but also things like house numbers.

You can find the Master Post HERE.

Extras (pages 320 to 352)
  • Cinat
  • Colussi
  • Fantin
  • Girardo
  • Iuston
  • Mucin
  • Muzzin

Sunday, 22 July 2018